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I first got interested in recording when I was 10 or 11, playing around with my Dad's Sony 1/4" reel to reel decks. We recorded his Classical music concerts, and I played around with some comedy, and the Blues, much later! 

I made records with ace Houston engineer Andy Bradley at Huey Meaux's Sugar Hill Studios in Houston for 15 years, on analog 2" tape. We must have done 100 records, Jazz, Rock, Country, Blues, Reggae and Classical. I played guitar, arranged and produced a few bands, including my own.

I got my first recording gear in 1990, a Tascam analog 8 track, and moved to the mountains of New Mexico to make records.

The coyotes would howl and the wind would blow your roof down to the end of the dirt road! I was always on the move those days, setting up sessions in different spaces and then vanishing, so I started calling my operation Invisible Studios.  

We are in the digital domain now, with great conversion and  high end analog gear to fatten up the sound.  I'm happy to say that we have finally found a way to give these mixes a great deal of the warmth, depth and musicality of analog days. That was a long journey! I still have the child-like enthusiasm for great sounding audio.

I like to make it extra nice, and make it exciting too. Why not?

I am always up for a good sounding project.

Check out some samples below!

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