Here is some of the gear I love the most!


Built from the best old tone-woods, these guitars have extraordinary natural sustain. Beyond perfect intonation! Every note sings true, with no rattles or dead spots. Unbelievable. With the most perfect neck shape and low, fast action, and his pickups blow everything else away. Nothing plays like a Marchione!


Doug Roccaforte builds the best amps and pedals in the world. I will never forget the first time I ever plugged in to a Roccaforte. The dynamics, the touch sensitivity, and Tone, Tone, Tone! Overbuilt to last a lifetime. His soldering iron is his paintbrush. High Art. All my Marshall cabs are loaded with Roccafortes!


These really are different from everything else. The copper is scientifically treated to eliminate the gaps and  arc-ing at the molecular level. Bigger, tighter low end, smoother highs, and they just sound "louder"! No one can believe it until they hear it, of course. Not a subtle difference, big "Wow" factor here.  I also run their XLRs on my studio outboard gear. Stunning clarity and sweetness. And I lived without these? Very, very musical sounding.


In a world flooded with "boutique" single-coils, there is one man who will make you the pickup that is 120% a "real" 1950s and 1960s Strat or Tele-style pickup. If you know those old guitars that have that magic, transparent 3-D sound, you know what I am talking about. So just pull the cotton out of your ears! There is no comparison to the real thing, and Don's pickups ARE the real thing. Maybe they are even better!


If you are not a Mac person, these are the workhorse computers for professional audio and video. Mine have never let me down. And they are fast, the fastest. Great guys. All built to order.